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Our directory helps you quickly find the best food distributors, saving you valuable time and money in establishing partnerships.

We have partnerships with top food distributors in the industry, giving you access to a vast network of suppliers to choose from.

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By selecting the right food distributors, you can ensure a smoother and more efficient supply chain for your business, boosting profitability.

In Fresh Produce Solutions, freshness and creativity are at the core of our passion for food and service.
We are committed to providing exceptional products for your kitchen, custom cuts of the highest quality meat, poultry, seafood, and all the ingredients your kitchen needs to offer the best dishes to your customers.
Our network of specialized suppliers seamlessly integrates with our culinary expertise and business knowledge. Fresh Produce Solutions’ selection of innovative ingredients and cutting-edge products connects your business to our industry-leading distribution network. This ensures that your establishment is always well-stocked with the freshest products, the latest trends, and the most inspiring ideas to take your business to the next level.”
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We are Fresh Produce Solution, a South Florida Fruits and Vegetables Company, we work with many Restaurants in Miami Dade and Broward County like Bombay Darbar Miami and Bombay Darbar Las Olas, Indian Harbor, Swagat restaurant, Akesha, Urban Rasoi, Namaste Indian, Bombay Corner, Rakija Lounge, Rakija Grill, Osteria Vecchio Piemonte, Purple Orchid Downtown and now we are expanding our operations to Monroe county.

We have competitive and lower prices than Sysco, US Foods, and CBI. Our Schedule to Monroe county is Tuesday and Friday; we receive the orders 36-24 hours in advance, 100% Free Delivery.

In addition, we have good business relationships with local farms and import staples for Restaurants, such as Chinese ginger, peeled garlic, Mexico Avocado, Limes, lemons, Mexico Cilantro, etc.

Why you should choose Fresh Produce Solution?

At Fresh Produce Solution we have competitive and lower prices than Sysco, US Foods, and CBI.  We receive the orders 36-24 hours in advance, 100% Free Delivery.

Last but not least, we accept Credit Cards and the payment method that makes the payment easier for our customers.

If you have doubts about our sales process, do not hesitate to contact us. Our crew is working 24/7 to attend to you, and we are happy to give you any information you need.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Our Vision and Mission

We help reduce the efforts of the owners in acquiring restaurant supplies at an affordable price to their business, complying with quality and service on demand.

Our goal is to be a supplier of restaurants for South Florida with affordable prices, promoting work, respect and friendship for our employees and customer

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